Let there be Color!: Joint End-to-end Learning of Global and Local Image Priors for Automatic Image Colorization with Simultaneous Classification
— Additional Results —

Satoshi Iizuka* Edgar Simo-Serra* Hiroshi Ishikawa

Waseda University

(*equal contribution)

Places Scene Dataset:

Black-and-white Photography:

Mount Moran, 1941

Scott's Run, Mar. 1937

S.J. Barley, Nov. 1933

Morning Papers, Feb. 1908

Miner, Sep. 1937

Norris Dam, Oct. 1933

North Dome, 1936

Youngsters, May 1912

California National Park, 1936

Homes, 1936

Camp, Nov. 1933

Bowling Alley, 1909

Farm Land, Oct. 1933

Shea Theatre, Feb. 1910

Community Center, 1936

Cranberry Picking, Sep. 1911

This work was partially supported by JST CREST.